How to take care of pearls

Care of Pearls

How to take care of pearls? Pearls are part of organic precious stones, (i.e. those precious ornamental materials whose production is linked to biological, animal or vegetable genesis), such as amber, coral and ivory.

The peculiarities of the stones

Commonly, they are not called “precious stones” especially for the low values of hardness, (which is a fundamental property of precious stones); however, these materials stand out considerably alongside the most prestigious precious stones, thanks to their pleasant appearance and their particular qualities.

They consist largely of calcium carbonate, in the form of aragonite crystals connected by an organic substance called conchiolin, and water.

Pearls and their pearls

Pearls (both natural and cultivated) have a unique, characteristic sheen, called pearlea; their color ranges from a freshly shaded white of grayish to shaded white of yellowish, up to a silvery gray or a more pronounced yellow.

Characteristic is also a certain iridescence with pinkish shades or other colors, which produce very pleasant effects. They are not fragile, but their organic part (conchiolin) and the water they contain, constitute an additional reason for their deterioration: here are some useful and important tips that will help you take care of your pearls and preserve all their beauty over time

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