Infinite love for artisanal jewelry

Ilaria Casti, an artisan goldsmith originally from Cagliari. In my life I have chosen to dedicate all myself to the craftsmanship of silver, a metal that can be easily worked to create soft jewels with engaging lines.

Choice and study of materials

A lifetime-long passion

The gemstones I choose to adorn my silver creations are always natural, such as the amethyst or the aquamarine root. 

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Discover the processes – my story

Ilaria’s educational path

I still remember the first time I entered to a goldsmith’s workshop.

Ilaria and her experience in the workshop

I was 22 and I was studying Political Science at the University of Cagliari, but I had reached a point where I couldn't go on with the exams anymore. Then, one day, walking through the city, I was welcomed into Bruno Cabras’ craftshop in Cagliari.

I began my apprenticeship just out of pure curiosity and almost as a challenge, but I ended up staying in that goldsmith’ shop for five years.
I started with wax models,
the first step for all new goldsmiths.

Jewelry finishing touch

Then, I continued to the finishing touch of lost wax technique, starting with what later would have became my favorite material: silver. From the polishing phase, I finally arrived at the most difficult step for a apprentice: the soldering of jewelry.

I was so excited and curious that whatever tasks I was assigned seemed wonderful. I wanted to exceed all the “levels” in order to get to the most important stage: to make a jewel completely starting from scratch all by myself.

My favorite materials

My jewelry in silver does not contain nickel, neither the semi-finished products I use. The alloy is composed only of pure silver and copper (Ag 925 = 925 g pure silver + 25 g copper/out 1000g).

When a metal other than copper is used in the alloy, it's always specified. The gemstones I choose are always natural, even if semi-precious.

It is important for me to always combine quality gemstones, which value is measured according to the beauty and sparkle of its colors, the peculiarity of the cuts, the proportion of the size.
On the other hand, the pearls can be freshwater or seawater. I never use synthetic gemstones.

Qualifications and Certifications

I'm proud of my qualifications and certifications, among which also the one for teaching gold craftsmanship at Isogea (Cagliari) for the course of "Design and marketing technicians of artistic craftsmanship”

Filigranist Certification

Certified qualification after five years of internship in the workshop.

Evaluation Course

Course on the evaluation of the diamente carried out in Cagliari with the gemologist Paola Caddeo.

Blue Stones Course

Very interesting course on the characteristics of the blue gemstones in Cagliari, gemologist Paola Caddeo.

My collaborations

For many years I have collaborated with different workshops of artistic craftsmanship: the so called “Isola” shops spread in several areas of Sardinia and the seasonal shops of artistic craftsmanship in many Sardinian tourist destinations during summers. Additionally, I collaborated several years with the bookshop of the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari.

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