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Here some nice advice by Ilaria on how to keep pearls and silver jewels in good condition, A good habit for jewels is to always clean them with a soft cotton cloth, even slightly dampened, before storing them (avoiding soaps or jewelry cleaning products that can be aggressive.

Wear them! It is the best dehydration remedy that they can naturally experience over time and that makes them dull and lacking in shine. The moisture in our skin contributes to their rehydration.

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Anti-tarnish Treatment

All my jewels have an anti tarnish coating that protects silver from oxidation, and keep the silver jewelry clean longer.


handmade Jewelry for a daydream Let yourself be charmed by the entanglements of my handcrafted creations completely handmade. Discover the collection Guaranteed Quality on all

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Frequently Asked Questions Do you have any doubts, you can consult this section. Are you looking for answers to your questions All about silver, and

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Ilaria Casti

Bracelet with Baroque Pearls

Bracelet Heaven Product Code: BRPE8BA3B Category: Bracelet Crochet Collection The goldsmith tradition is represented in this handcrafted jewellery masterpiece Bracelet with Baroque pearls. The characteristic

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The Pendants of the Crochet Collection – Lucky charms

pearls & Stones used

How I Began

About me and Crochet Collection

I joined in my first goldsmith’s laboratory for the first time (Bruno Cabras in Cagliari) in January 1995, when I was 22 and studied political science at the university. I started my apprenticeship out of pure curiosity, at a time when I was stuck with exams, but in the end I stayed in that laboratory for five years. During the first year, I learned everything I could from the master goldsmith and my colleagues.

In a goldsmith’s laboratory learn how to use the injector is the basis, even if it is not easy at all. If the wax models are not perfect, the final result, that is the finished jewel, will have defects that most of the time cannot be repaired. So you have to be careful to adjust the pressure well to get the necessary amount of wax, so that all the parts in the rubber mold are filled equally; and never forget to put the talc in the mold before the wax!

My Last Handmade Creations

Silver Care
Tips and Tricks of the Trade

How to take care of pearls

Care of Pearls How to take care of pearls? Pearls are part of organic precious stones, (i.e. those precious ornamental materials whose production is linked


How to Clean Silver

Personalize your Jewel

Are you looking for a timeless jewel for your sweetheart? Send your request to Ilaria

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