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All about silver, and how to take care of it. Customization of jewelry and the materials I choose.

Why do you choose silver as a material?

Silver is a soft metal, which is easily lets itself work; it is ideal especially for the processing of jewelry of my “Crochet” line that, as the name says, is crocheted.

It is a metal that is cheap but has the advantage of having a good yield, especially if well polished, combined or not with semi-precious colored stones and pearls.

Why is silver a safe material?

My silver jewelry does not contain nickel, as well as the semi-finished products I buy. The alloy is composed only of pure silver and copper (Ag 925 = 925 g pure silver + 25 g copper/su 1000g). When a metal other than

copper is used in the alloy, it is always specified.

How to clean silver properly ?

Silver oxidizes easily, already in contact with air; more if in contact with our skin, with the creams and perfumes we wear It is a living material that reacts by becoming darker and sometimes losing shine.

We can make the jewels shine again in silver, with a home method, simply cleaning them with a soft toothbrush, water and little dishwashing detergent.

Provenance of materials

For pure silver I provide to the Metal Bank. For semi-finished products such as wire and slab.

For semi-finished products such as wire and slab I provide myself at Nocciaini.

Regarding the stones, I provide at myself at Firenzeshakara. 

Customize the jewel

It is possible to customize your jewel simply filling out the form o request a particular size per ring, bracelet,

necklace or to compose the jewel as you want with the elements you prefer among those available.

Measurements of the rings

The safest method to know the extent of the your own finger, it’s going to go to a goldsmith

and get the measurements taken with the ring. You can also take a ring that’s the right measured

directly with the metal spindle.

The Stones

The stones I choose are always natural, although semi-precious (so let’s not talk about the sapphire and emerald ruby diamond that also have a very high economic value): the value is given above all by this.

il valore e’ dato soprattutto da questo. It is important for me to always combine quality stones, the value of which is measured not according to the parameters used for the four stones considered the most precious, but for example

based on the beauty and shine of the colors, the peculiarity of the cuts, the proportion in size. As for pearls, they can be freshwater or seawater. I never use synthetic stones.

How is the shipment done?

All my jewelry starts from Holland, Amsterdam. As far as shipments are concerned, I use for both shipments to the Netherlands and for those to Italy. Prices:

  1. 7,50 € for Italy
  2. 4,50 € for Netherlands.

For track & trace service the cost is 13.50 € The costs vary depending on the weight and size of the package.

For more information, visit the website or write me:

Delivery time

Delivery times may vary depending on the period, and depend on the carrier: generally one week. If the requested jewel is not in stock, that will be communicated at the time

of the order: if it is the “crochet” collection, from a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 7 (working days).

Personalize your Jewel

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