Jewelry for
a daydream

Let yourself be charmed by
the entanglements of my handcrafted creations
completely handmade.

Guaranteed Quality

on all my products

All my jewels have Anti-Tarnish Coating that protects silver from oxidation.
My Jewels are also suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Discover the collection and choose the unique and perfect handmade jewel for the person you love.

Handmade silver rings

My passion for handcrafted jewelry and silver rings was born more than 20 years ago, when for the first time I had the opportunity to cross the threshold of a goldsmith’s workshop.

Since then, it has been my passion that guided me in the creation of handmade sterling silver jewelry, completely nickel-free. 


If you love semi precious gemstones, let yourself be charmed by the preciousness of the aquamarine root together with the magic weaving of the crochet technique of the silver filigree.

Follow the silver waves that join the gemstones, a daydream that will make you smile and have admiration every time you wear it.

Crochet Artwork earrings with natural stones

The shininess and sinuousness of Silver 925 is combined with the round shapes of cultivated pearls or semi precious gemstones, in a twist that will make you unique on any occasions.

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Anti Tarnish

All my jewels have an anti tarnish coating that protects silver from oxidation.