The "Crochet" Collection and how it was born

The collection that saved me

I like to think that this collection has somehow "saved" me from my comfort zone.

Crochet and its success

This collection was born from my dissatisfaction that I never feel completely ready to create something that was entirely mine, the fear of risk. Presenting my collection meant for me to come out into the open, to suffer the judgment of others.

In a way what you create and communicate, it also makes you understand who you really are, so you often choose to stay in a kind of limbo that at least gives you a secure gain. Then I chose. I recognized my talent, to give free rein to my creativity, to take risks. I put into practice one of the many ideas that had been going around in my head for a long time: I took hold of a silver watermark and crochet and began to weave.

I did a thousand tests, a thousand attempts, changed the thickness of the wire, then that of the watermark. I worked with a crochet too thin and then with a too big one; I also made a gold prototype, but that’s not what I wanted.

The Ring that is now called "Intrecci"

At first I had christened it “on crochet”, to merge into a single name, the Sardinian tradition of filigree processing, and the term used for crochet work.
Later “Crochet” became the name of the entire collection.

Each piece has its own name: it is often hard stones that inspire me in finding a name for my jewelry, their color or the properties that are often attributed to this or that mineral. The “Crochet” collection has been a huge success and is still in great demand: the Intrecci ring is my best-selling piece since 2004!

The ideas and projects are always many and ready to be realized and to see the light, they will not remain closed in a drawer waiting for better times: the right time is now.

Other Jewels from the Crochet Collection



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Lucky Charm Warmth

Lucky Charm Warmth – Silver Pendant Product Code: PELCAGMDO01 Category: Pendant Lucy Charm Collection Lucky Charm Warmth silver pendant with honey-colored “Agate” gemstones,

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