Do you know how to clean your jewels?

Care & Cleaning of jewelry

Silver is a soft, white metal It is a living material that tends to oxidize easily, that is, to become darker already in contact with air: it is a natural process

Silver jewelry

They can undergo different plating treatments, such as galvanic baths, which add a coloring that may vary depending on the metal used (gold, rhodium, copper); so we’ll have gold, rhodium or pink silver. In these cases, the oxidation process is delayed, so to speak, because silver is protected by galvanic treatment.

Rather, it will be this coloring that will undergo wear first, being a surface coating: for this reason it is necessary to take care of it so that they maintain their shine for as long as possible.

Preserving the shine of jewelry

Care & Cleaning of jewelry following some simple and important precautions.

Periodically use the appropriate cloth for cleaning jewelry; this will be easier if the jewel has a smooth and not over-worked surface.
Watermark jewelry (e.g. those from the “crochet” collection), and in general all jewelry that has a non-smooth surface, can be cleaned using a soft toothbrush, warm water and neutral soap (or mild detergent) regularly; dry gently.

There are products on the market for cleaning silver, liquids, or to be dissolved in warm water: it is enough to immerse the jewel for a few seconds and it will shine again. Important: be careful not to immerse any gems, pearls and corals as well.
Always store the jewelry in their box or bag, so that they are not exposed to air when we do not wear them.try as much as possible to store them separately, so that they do not scratch in contact with each other.
Perfumes creams and abrasive substances are “enemies” of jewelry and accelerate oxidation, as well as chlorine; it is always good practice to try to avoid wearing silver jewelry in environments such as swimming pools, saunas or at the sea.

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