Ilaria Casti

Bracelet with Baroque Pearls

Bracelet Heaven Product Code: BRPE8BA3B Category: Bracelet Crochet Collection The goldsmith tradition is represented in this handcrafted jewellery masterpiece Bracelet with Baroque pearls. The characteristic of baroque pearls is their irregular and indefinite shape, which makes them truly unique. € 135.00 VAT and Shipping Excluded. Book Now Technical Information About the stone Technical Information Processing: Crochet …

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Waves Ring – Filigree Technique

Waves Ring Product Code: RICR02 Category: Ring Crochet Collection Waves Ring – artisan jewellery, sterling silver 925 is a smaller version of the Intrecci ring. This masterpiece of artisan jewellery has also been designed with filigree crochet artwork. € 29.00 VAT and Shipping Excluded. Book Now Technical Information Technical Information Processing: Filigree crochet artwork Material: Sterling …

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Orecchini Crochet

Cultivated Pearls Earrings 

Cultivated Pearls Earrings Nickel Free Earrings Moon Earrings Product Code: EARPEBA1 Category: Earrings – Crochet Collection Moon Earrings with cultivated pearls. Let yourself be captivated by the refinement of cultured pearls enriched by the preciousness of crochet silver worked. The Intreccio di Perle earrings will make you daydream just by wearing them. Designed to embellish …

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Orecchini Artigianali

Sterling Silver Earrings Filigree Process

Amethyst Earrings Handcrafted Earrings Handcrafted Jewelry Natural Stones Sterling Silver Earrings Filigree Process Deep Earrings Product CODE: EARAMTDO01 Category: Earrings Crochet Collection Let yourself be conquered by the refinement of the Sterling Silver Earrings Filigree Process “Deep” with Amethyst stone. This pearl belonging to the same family of the “Petit“ earrings. Designed to embellish women …

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Strength pendant with black stone

Handcrafted Silver Earrings Black Agate Stone Handmade Earrings Crochet technique and the silver filigree Strength Pendant Product CODE: EARAMTDO01 Category: Pendant Crochet Collection Strength pendant with black stone. If you love the black facets of the Agate stone combined with the luster of silver, then this pendant is for you. The crochet silver filigree is …

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Romance Pendant

Romance Pendant with Rose Stone Product Code: PELCPOPSQ2 Categoria: Pendant – Lucky Charm Collection With the term “opal” it seems that it derives, through the Greek “opállios”, from the Sanskrit “upala”, which means precious stone in general. The chemical composition of the opal is the same as that of quartz, but it contains from 1 …

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Orecchini Intreccio di Acquamarina

Aquamarine Root Earrings

Aquamarine Root Earrings Product Code: EARAQBA1 Category: Earrings Crochet Collection Aquamarine earrings, in the soft colors of blue combined with the sheen of silver, the Acquamarina earrings will make you feel truly unique. The subtle elegance of the Aquamarine Root Earrings and the brilliance of 925 silver will immediately illuminate your face. Wear them to …

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Tangles Earrings

Tangles Earrings Product Code: EARBA01 standard hook EARBA01L big hook Category: Earrings – Crochet Collection Sterling Silver Tangles Earrings, a unique jewel dedicated to women of all ages. Tangles filigree crochet earrings. The interweaving of these earrings is worked to create small balls of yarn. For this earrings there is also a second variant with …

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Lucky Charm Warmth

Lucky Charm Warmth – Silver Pendant Product Code: PELCAGMDO01 Category: Pendant Lucy Charm Collection Lucky Charm Warmth silver pendant with honey-colored “Agate” gemstones, crocheted silver filigree. Blue silk ribbon. € 30.00 VAT and Shipping Excluded. Book Now Technical Information About the stone Technical Information Processing: Crochet artwork Material: Sterling silver free nickel Type: Pendant with silk …

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Courage Pendant

Courage Pendant Product Code: PELCCORDO02 Category: Pendant – Crochet Collection Courage Pendant – Sardinian handmade jewelry. Pendant in sterling silver 925 and bamboo coral. The size of both gemstones and jewel can vary as these are handmade products and irregularly cut rough gemstones. € 39.00 VAT and Shipping Excluded Book Now Technical Information About the …

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Lucky Charm Energy

Pendant Charm Energy Product Code: Energy:PELCGRVSQ02 Natural:PECRSQ4 Category: Pendant – Lucky Charm Collection Lucky Charm Energy is a pendant designed with the traditional filigree technique on 925 silver and natural green gemstones, consisting of a filigree rhombus with an irregular cut. The size of the gemstones and the rhombus may vary slightly because they are …

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Deep Ocean necklace

Deep Ocean Necklace Product Code: NECAQ4DO01 Category: Necklace -Crochet Collection Necklace aquamarine gemstones deigned with crochet watermark, combined with natural hard stone aquamarine root. If the stones enchant you, do not give up the preciousness of aquamarine root combined with the processing of crochet silver in crochet watermark. Follow the silver waves that rejoin the stones, …

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